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TUL - Division of Dynamics

Dr Patrycja Jaros

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Research Assistant

Technical University of Lodz
Division of Dynamics
ul. Stefanowskiego 1/15
90-924 Lodz
e-mail: P Jaros
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Higher Education and Qualifications
  • MSc: 2012, Lodz University of Technology; Faculty of Technical Physics, Information Technology and Applied Mathematics; Mathematics; Mathematical Modeling and Optimization
  • BSc: 2010, Lodz University of Technology; Faculty of Technical Physics, Information Technology and Applied Mathematics; Applied Mathematics; Mathematical Modeling
  • PhD: 2017, Lodz University of Technology; Faculty of Mechanical Engineering; Mechanics
Research Grants
  • Hellmann Frank, Schultz Paul, Jaros Patrycja, Levchenko Roman, Kapitaniak Tomasz, Kurths J., Maistrenko Yuri: Network-induced multistability through lossy coupling and exotic solitary states. Nature Communications, 2020, vol. 11, no. , p. 1-9.
  • Synchronization of Mechanical Systems Coupled through Elastic Structure, Foundation for Polish Science, 2011-2014 (Principal Investigator: T. Kapitaniak). Project No. TEAM/2010/5/5.
  • Rare (hidden) attractors in the systems of coupled oscillators, National Science Centere, MAESTRO Programme, 2014-2016 (Principal Investigator: T. Kapitaniak). Project No. 2013/08/A/ST8/00/780.
  • Coupled multistable Rössler systems, Young Scientists Fund at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Lodz University of Technology, 2013 (Principal Investigator: P. Kuzma (Jaros)).
  • Dynamics of nonlinearly coupled Duffing oscillators, Own Scholarship Fund established by the Lodz University of Technology, 2014 (Principal Investigator: P. Kuzma (Jaros)).
  • Solitary states in Kuramoto model with inertia, Young Scientists Fund at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Lodz University of Technology, 2015 (Principal Investigator: P. Jaros).
  • Chimera behavior in the systems with inertia, National Science Centere, PRELUDIUM Programme, 2017-2019 (Principal Investigator: P. Jaros). Project No. 2016/23/N/ST8/0024
Publications - Papers
  • Patrycja Jaros, Serhiy Brezetsky, Roman Levchenko, Dawid Dudkowski, Tomasz Kapitaniak, Yuri Maistrenko: Solitary states for coupled oscillators with inertia, Chaos: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Science 28 (1), January 2018, DOI: 10.1063/1.5019792
  • Nataliya V Stankevich, Anton Dvorak, Vladimir Astakhov, Patrycja Jaros, Marcin Kapitaniak, Przemysław Perlikowski, Tomasz Kapitaniak: Chaos and Hyperchaos in Coupled Antiphase Driven Toda Oscillators, Regular and Chaotic Dynamics 23 (1), January 2018, DOI: 10.1134/S1560354718010094
  • Maistrenko, Y., Brezetsky, S., Jaros, P., Levchenko, R., Kapitaniak, T.: Smallest chimera states. Physical Review E - Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics, 95(1), January 2017, Article number 010203, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevE.95.010203. PhysReV Article
  • Jaros Patrycja, Maślanka Łukasz, Strobin Filip: Algorithms generating images of attractors of generalized iterated function systems. NUMERICAL ALGORITHMS, 2016, vol. 73, no. 2, p. 477-499
  • Jaros Patrycja, Kapitaniak Tomasz, Perlikowski Przemysław: Multistability in nonlinearly coupled ring of Duffing systems. European Physical Journal-Special Topics, 2016, vol. 225, no. 13-1, p. 2623–2634
  • P. Jaros, Y. Maistrenko and T. Kapitaniak: "Chimera states on the route from coherence to rotating waves", Physical Review E 91 (2015). PRE, PDF
  • P. Jaros, P. Perlikowski, T. Kapitaniak: "Synchronization and multistability in the ring of modified Rössler oscillators", The European Physical Journal Special Topics 224 (2015) pp. 1541-1552. EPJST
  • P. Kuzma, M. Kapitaniak, and T. Kapitaniak: "Coupling multistable systems: uncertainty due to the initial positions on the attractors", Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics 52 (2014). JTAM.
  • T. Kapitaniak, P. Kuzma, J. Wojewoda, K. Czolczynski and Y. Maistrenko: "Imperfect chimera states for coupled pendula", Scientific Reports 4 (2014). SR
  • D. Dudkowski, P. Kuzma and T. Kapitaniak: "Lag Synchronization in Coupled Multistable van der Pol-Duffing Oscillators", Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society 2014 (2014). DDNS
  • A. Dvorak, P. Kuzma, P. Perlikowski, V. Astakhov, T. Kapitaniak: "Dynamics of three Toda oscillators with nonlinear unidirectional coupling", The European Physical Journal Special Topics 222 (2013) EPJ ST.
  • 2018 Award from Prime Minister of Poland for scientific activity: best PhD thesis in 2017
  • 2017 START scholarship from Foundation for Polish Science

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